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International Nurse
Onboarding Programme

Discovering the Joys of Nursing in Singapore: International Nurses Share Their Stories through the Onboarding Program

International Nurses share their experience in Singapore through the Onboarding Program in this video. They discuss challenges, rewards and offer an insight into their journey. This program supports foreign nurses in adapting to the healthcare system and culture.

About International Nursing Onboarding Programme (INOP)

  • Opportunity for a full course fee including tuition grant and daily allowance sponsorship

  • Job placement opportunity in Singapore for 4 years (first 18 to 24 months as Registered Nurse with Supervision + remaining as practitioner Registered Nurse)

  • Opportunity to Work in any Singapore hospitals

  • Requirement:

    • Year 3 & 4 undergrads of Bachelor of Science in Nursing

    • Fresh Graduates from Bachelor of Science in Nursing

  • Sponsorship includes:

    • One way air ticket to Singapore

    • Accommodation will be provided

    • Medical and hospitalization benefits

    • Insurance coverage

Please email to for registration.

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