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Scholarship Program

Diploma in Nursing

About Asian Nursing Scholarship (ANS)

  • Looking for bright young people who are passionate about making a change and keen to pursue a nursing career in Singapore.

  • Recruiting from Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar and Vietnam.

  • Successful applicants will:

    • Pursue a 3 year, full time Nursing Diploma in Singapore.

    • Work in one of the public healthcare institutions for 6 years.

  • Includes:

    • Full course fee and tuition grant

    • One way air ticket for the commencement of the course

    • Accommodation will be provided

    • Monthly allowance for three years of study 

    • Medical and hospitalization benefits

    • Insurance coverage

    • Return air ticket after completion of the course and before commencement of work

More information on the Diploma course can be found here:

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